About Edge Rank – Understanding How Facebook Works

Affinity, weight and decay are the three punch words that set the pace of Edge Rank. Facebook never sleeps as we know it, as users of the social network demonstrate daily the excessive rate in which they talk, comment, share posts and mingle. For users, commenting helps them to openly have conversations, which are shown on their friends’ walls with the latest comment on top and the oldest one shown down the line. Such shares exposes one’s posts to a network of friends for the typical user, but it has a certain meaning for brands. Facebook marketing norms need to be adjusted and made compatible in order to take full benefit of the three punch words we talked about in the beginning.

Let’s take a look at affinity, weight and decay in detail. It has certain meaning and this meaning will help you to understand how Facebook works.

Affinity – The relationship between members and brands. It is a one-way relationship where users like a brand, post comments, and share posts. The more your fans interact with your brand, the more Facebook will like it and place it “with high priority” in the users’ news feed. Great!

The Weight – The weight is an important element in Edge Rank. Photos and videos, for instance carry more weight than text posts. Similarly comments have more weight than likes. But all together, likes and comments carry much weight. If photos remain without comments and the simple text post carries comments, it will have more weight than the photo. So, we have to be careful how our fans interact with our posts and shares.

Decay – This is easier to understand. The newer post is displayed on the top and the oldest at the bottom. The older the edge becomes, the more value it loses. This is a natural process, which helps in keeping the newsfeed fresh.

Relevance of the news story to the users, that is, the news story comes from the pages with which the user usually interacts; this news story could remain on top in the user’s newsfeed regardless of time decay.

How could you be successful?

If you are successfully creating content that engages your fans and friends you can be successful in Facebook marketing. The more people comment on your post, ask questions, and talk about the products, the more weight it could carry and appear in the newsfeeds of users, hence more people could see your brand engagement and join the crowd. Doing this often will help keep the newsfeeds of your fans and friends fresh.